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HaS nO oNe ToLd yOu ShE's nOt bReAtHiNg?

  Hello and welcome! i am the maker of this live journal! i hope you all join because anyone is a friend. But anywho i will introduce myself to you all. my name is mandaz and i *heart* music. i play a lot pf instruments like guitar, flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, drums (starting out), and piano. i *heart* heavy metal music. and o0o if any of you want me to add any of your interests to the interest list here i will for you k? just let me know. so my favorite band is evanescence and i wish i could sing like that! lol she is so0o0o pretty. *gasps* and their lyrics are awesome! i figured out how to play the piano part for my immortal =D hehehe. YAYAYAY! ok yeah i'm kinda hyper. i am a complete spaz and i am very random. POTATOES! ok just demonstating so yeah if you bothered to read any of that HELLO! so join this kick-arse community...believe me you won't regret it and if i remember, i am gonna post some of my favorite lyrics. if you join, make sure you tell everybody you know! *makes big circle with hands* so yay! i *heart* you all! teehehehe!

so0o0o tell me about yourself...


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